WASH: installation for Unicef Uzbekistan

19 January 2023

Machines for hospital waste disposal in Uzbekistan

The WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) project is an international project that sees the Newster group involved in the construction of machines for the disposal of hospital medical waste in Uzbekistan.

130,000 inhabitants will benefit from the enhancement of WASH services in 10 health facilities. A long-term agreement for the supply, installation, training, and maintenance services of medical waste treatment equipment for medical facilities in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The project, in collaboration with the Uzbek Ministry of Health and Unicef Uzbekistan, aims to improve the safety of health workers and communities while protecting the environment from medical waste.

"Investments in effective and climate-friendly waste management will eliminate direct and indirect risk factors for human health and the environment," said the UNICEF Uzbekistan representative.

Unicef Uzbekistan: problems with the disposal of medical waste

A recent survey carried out by Unicef in Uzbekistan highlights several problems that the project intends to solve, such as:

  • Use of incinerators unable to monitor air quality and without any environmental controls for the reduction of dioxins and furans;
  • The lack of waste classification and separation;
  • Currently, medical waste is disposed of with general public waste, causing various problems for the environment and the health of the inhabitants.

From this investigation, an international cooperation project for the development of new delivery and disposal systems with cutting-edge technologies was born, which provides for on-site installation in hospitals and treatment centers.

Newster technology and project objectives

Newster's patented technology for the complete sterilization of solid medical waste is based on heat generated by friction. The waste is shredded and the friction generated produces heat up to a temperature of 150°C. Thanks to the heat produced, the biological risk is eliminated. At the end of the process, the waste becomes a completely dehydrated product, reduced by 80% in volume and 20% in weight.

The goal is to be able to cover all hospitals in the Asian country with Newster technology in two years.

The possibility of remote control allows Unicef or the local health system to control each machine even on the other side of the world. Newster also provides training for the management of hospital waste for the correct and conscious use of technologies, essential for achieving high standards in infection control, reducing environmental impact, and minimizing costs.

“For the first time we are collaborating with Unicef and we are very proud to be part of this project,” says Andrea Bascucci, CEO of Newster Group.

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