Protect yourself and the environment

A sustainable alternative for the treatment of medical waste

A green alternative to incineration

Newster’s Frictional Heat Treatment enables hospitals to process hazardous solid waste in a sustainable and cost-effective way. The patented technology employs the heat generated by the shredding action to sterilize the waste at the same time without POPs emission into the athmosphere according to the Stockholm Convention. The final residue is dry, sterile and finely ground.

As well as meeting the public demand for ecological solutions, it offers many other advantages, such as:

  • improved levels of hospital hygiene and safety;
  • elimination of risks arising from infectious waste transportation;
  • lower storage and transport costs due to weight and volume loss;
  • lower waste disposal costs;
  • use of residue as refuse derived fuel (RDF).


Frictional Heat Treatment Process 

The treatment is carried out in a single depression chamber without risks to the environment and the operator. No chemicals are used. During the cycle, the temperature inside the chamber is accurately measured in real time by patented sensors. The duration of the exposure to heat and the cycle parameters are controlled by a PLC. During the cycle, the system automatically generates a printed report, which the operator attaches to the work sheet at the end of each cycle. Sterilization can be proven by microbiological analysis on the residue and by efficacy tests using biological indicators containing Geobaciullus Stearothermophilus spores with a concentration of Log6.

STAGE 1: loading and starting
To begin the process, the operator loads the chamber with healthcare waste, closes the lid and presses the cycle start button. Inside the closed sterilization chamber, in negative pressure, a powerful rotor fitted with stainless steel blades finely shreds the waste by impact and friction.

STAGE 2: evaporation of liquids
As the material is roughly shredded, speed and temperature increase to 100°C, the evaporation phase starts. The temperature remains steady until all the humidity has evaporated.

STAGE 3: reach required sterilization temperature
When the humidity has been eliminated, the temperature starts to rise again reaching a peak of 150°C, as required for a complete sterilization according to STAATT Level IV. The finely ground waste is heated to its core and not only on the surface, for the time required to completely destroy microorganisms and bacteria.

STAGE 4: cooling
The waste is cooled by sprays of water until it reaches a temperature of 95°C necessary for discharge.

STAGE 5: unloading
The cycle is over and the treated waste is automatically unloaded. The sterile, finely ground, dry and unrecognizable residue is significantly reduced in weight and volume.

Protect yourself  and the environment
Protect yourself  and the environment
Protect yourself  and the environment
Protect yourself  and the environment

Our solutions

Sterilizer for hospital solid waste


The platform is designed and manufactured to facilitate the lifting and loading operations. Especially indicated when using 100-liter bins.

Newster products can be equipped with a PLC with Ethernet port. Via this port the systems can be connected to a router and an internet cloud service. Remote monitoring can be done from any computer connected to the internet. Multiple machines can be checked at the same time.

Mandatory accessory for the water recycling system.

The water recycling system is designed to reduce water consumption and recycle the wastewater resulting from the treatment and sterilization of the medical waste. The system collects the resulting wastewater from the Newster sterilizer, pumps it into a water cooler and then pumps it back to the sterilizer. The water recycling system reduces water consumption by 90%.

The system consists of the following components:

  • Stainless steel Heat Exchanger
  • Water cooler
  • Pump group

The locking system prevents the panels from closing and slamming inadvertently in the event of oscillations,
avoiding any danger during maintenance or operation.

Available only for NW15 ON BOARD 

Suitable for air and naval transport, support the machine firmly hooked to the ground, ensuring its stability even in case of vertical oscillations and strong accelerations.

Available only for NW15 ON BOARD 

The machine frame has been designed with  dedicated hooks to facilitate the handling of the machine and its insertion from above  inside the ship.

Available only for NW15 ON BOARD 

Choosen to avoid risks in case of fire, they guarantee the non-toxicity of the fumes, allowing for a quick evacuation and facilitating the operations of the rescue teams.

Available only for NW15 ON BOARD 

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