Ghana Project: our partnership with Friostar

24 November 2020

A partnership that goes beyond the installation of our machines

This project begins in 2019, with another Italian Company, Friostarspecialized in industrial refrigeration with whom we share the same values.

We are very connected to our territory: with the Emilia Romagna region and more precisely with the city of Rimini, a city of great historical and cultural value, are present many companies with which we have created a network, to export our activities and give life to sustainable projects around the world.

Our network is made of companies committed to international cooperation projects: together we can create real growth opportunities for developing countries, in the administrative field, health field and beyond.

Our know-how, experience and relations, allow us to move quickly from design to construction and Friostar gave us the opportunity to intervene in Ghana (Africa).

Ghana Project: together with Friostar to transform dangerous infectious waste, into inhert waste 

One of the main goals of the project was the installation of on-site treatment for potentially infectious medical waste in 5 hospitals (Sawla District Hospital, Tolon District Hospital, Central Gonja District Hospital, Yilo Krobo District Hospital and Ketu North District Hospital).

At the beginning of 2020 five NW5 units were shipped out. The Covid-19 outbreak influenced the timing of the project because of travel bans. Our technician traveled to Ghana on October 26th to carry out the start-up of the machines at their site of installation.

Following the start-ups a training phase was carried out for operators and hospital staff. Specifically the training phase addressed topics starting off with the correct separation of waste in hospital to final disposal with municipal waste at the landfill. Correct maintenance schedules and techniques were taught.

The monitoring of this activity continues thanks to remote assistance, for solving trouble shooting or providing clarifications regarding all technical issues.

We hope that this successful collaboration will lead to many others. 

Our technology for this project

Our machine is a patented technology for the processing of potentially infectious solid waste, based on Frictional Heat Treatment (FHT).

Our health-care waste (HCW) sterilizer processes potentially infectious medical solid waste in a blade-equipped vessel, under at slightly negative pressure (the treatment chamber is never under pressure unlike autoclave). Special sensors detect real-time temperature inside the vessel. When the temperature reaches 150°C, the mass is automatically sprinkled with tap water. The shredded waste is cooled down to 95°C. The cycle is over and the dehydrated product is unloaded automatically. Each cycle lasts approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the quantity of liquids inside the waste.

Our sterilization efficacy 

Frictional Heat treatment reaches a peak temperature of 150°C during the cycle guaranteeing  STAATT level IV  with a  6 Log10 reduction.

The waste after treatment is a residue with the following characteristics:

• Dry
• Un-recognizable
• Reduced in volume / weight
• Sterilized
• Odorless


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