Newster achivements

Newster technology is included in the inventory of alternative technologies to incineration in different international documents

We have been involved in Internationalization activities since 2007 in order to disseminate and collect the knowledge and know-how necessary to contribute to the sector. The results came through by participating at Conferences and Forums world-wide.


The experience gained has allowed us to participate, either directly or through our authorized Distributors in various international procurements, some of which have been awarded. The procurements have been financed by World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and Inter American Development Bank. Other projects have been funded by International Cooperation Agencies, such as AICS (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development).


International Bodies reporting on Newster Technology (Frictional Heat Treatment): 


Newster Membership to National and International Organizations:

  • ISWA – International Solid Waste Association – Silver membership since 2014  
  • European commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO
  • Global Compact Network Italia (GCNI) - members since 2017
  • UNGM - United nations Global Market Place - UNGM Account number - 391492
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