The advantages in biomedical waste management

18 March 2024

Discover how proper biomedical waste management can bring many health and environmental benefits

The correct management of biomedical waste is a fundamental pillar in the protection of public health and environmental protection. These wastes, in fact, have unique characteristics that require special attention in their management, as they can contain pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. Proper management of these products can have many advantages for both human health and the environment.

With this article, we at Newster will explore the main benefits of waste management, focusing on the importance of sustainable and cost-effective practices.

Benefits for public health

Proper management of biomedical waste has many public health benefits. First, it contributes to the prevention of the spread of pathogens. Proper collection and treatment of biomedical waste reduces the risk of contamination and spread of infectious diseases, thus protecting the health of the population.

In addition, it is highly likely that these wastes contain harmful chemicals, such as expired drugs or radioactive substances. Their proper management ensures that these substances are safely disposed of, thereby reducing the risk of exposure and potential adverse effects on human health.

Finally, the management of biomedical waste safeguards the health of workers in the health sector. Health professionals are exposed to risks when handling this waste, such as injuries from sharp objects or exposure to dangerous substances. Their proper management, including staff training and the use of personal protective equipment, reduces the risk of accidents and protects the health of medical workers.

Benefits for the environment

Proper management of medical waste also has many environmental benefits. First, it contributes to the reduction of air, water, and soil pollution, as this waste can contain harmful chemicals that, if not disposed of properly, contaminate the surrounding environment.

In addition, some biomedical waste, such as organic waste, can undergo composting or anaerobic digestion processes to produce compost or biogas. These processes reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to climate change mitigation.

Finally, some biomedical waste can be recycled or recovered to produce new resources. This approach promotes sustainability and creates new opportunities for the circular economy.

Economic benefits

Biomedical waste management also brings economic benefits. For example, the adoption of sterilization machinery results in significant economic savings, as the onerous task of waste disposal is avoided by outsourcing to specialized external companies. This translates into significant savings in operating costs, as the entire process can be handled efficiently and economically in-house.

In addition, the use of sterilization machinery provides greater control over waste treatment, ensuring full compliance with regulations and conditions set by the relevant authorities. This eliminates the risk of penalties due to noncompliant disposal practices.

The facilities provided by Newster use state-of-the-art sterilization technologies and enable medical waste to be processed into undifferentiated municipal waste, ready for safe disposal in line with current regulations. This environmentally friendly approach not only reduces the risk of contamination and protects public health, but also helps to dramatically decrease environmental impact by reducing the amount of hazardous waste going to specialized landfills.

The advantages in biomedical waste management

Conclusions and the role of Newster

In conclusion, we delved into the main benefits of proper biomedical waste management: from public health and health care providers to environmental benefits, and even touching on the economic benefits for health care facilities.

For years, we at Newster have been at the forefront of the management of these and other wastes in healthcare settings. Our facilities enable safe and responsible management of hospital solid waste, hospital wastewater and high risk infectious liquids; contact us now for more information!

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