Turnkey solution for hospital waste treatment

25 March 2022

An integrated service system for the complete treatment of hospital waste

Newster offers services and systems for the treatment of all hospital waste through an integrated approach, including collection in hospital wards and on-site sterilization of hazardous waste at infectious risk. 

On-site sterilization tested up to 28 days after treatment, in addition to the absence of unpleasant odors and moisture and the high reduction in weight and volume of the final residue, significantly reduce the risk of the spread of pathogens through the waste at infectious risk CER 18.01.03, thus contributing to the prevention and control of infections within hospitals, where the sterilized waste is delivered directly into the undifferentiated fraction of municipal waste

The aim of the service offered is to accompany health facilities towards a more sustainable management of healthcare waste, also improving all mechanisms for controlling the propagation of any infections through on-site customized sterilization systems.

The technological solution proposed by Newster Group is specifically designed for the management of all types of hospital waste. Thanks to an integrated and totally digitalized approach, the system includes all the devices necessary for on-site management of hazardous waste at infectious risk: from collection in wards to sterilization. Sterilization based on the FHT (Frictional Heat Treatment) technology, recognized by the most important international organizations, thanks to the reduction in weight and volume of the waste itself, guarantees a considerable economic saving for health facilities that use it. 

Newster equipment is certified by a third party accredited as capital goods that enjoy the tax benefits introduced by the National Transition Plan 4.0.

Newster series integrated system and PDT® certifications

Newster developed a 360° innovative solution for hospital solid healthcare waste management. The performance of Newster technologies is tracked with a certified PDT® system in blockchain and  the sterilizers can also be equipped with: 

  • integrated weighing system: smart scale for the registration of the waste during loading and unloading operations; 
  • industrial systems for sanitizing infectious medical waste containers available in 4 models with a productivity from 30/100 containers per hour. 

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