Newster Certifications: PDT® Custom Product

16 March 2022

Another digital certification for Newster System: PDT® Product Custom verified in Blockchain

Newster System obtained another PDT® - Performance Digital Traceability - certification thanks to the characteristics of its products, services and solutions for on-site sterilization of hazardous hospital waste. 

The PDT® certification, a trademark owned by IQC Srl, is a process of analysis, detection and digital representation of results concerning organizations, processes, products and people. 

The PDT ® Custom Product certificate, in particular, is released to organizations and companies that define the qualifying characteristics of their products to enhance the peculiar excellence as an element of distinction and added value compared to general standards. Newster obtained this certificate as it has defined in a written and evident way the features of its innovative systems for the treatment of hospital solid waste and provides periodic monitoring to guarantee the achievement and maintenance of the performance standards declared in IQC Srl PDT. 

Newster invests in training and continuous professional development

Newster guarantees the training and continuous professional updating of its designers, researchers and technicians through the organization of periodic scientific and legislative training courses, as well as the participation in national and international comparison circuits, in order to provide to its customers the most qualified technical, scientific, commercial and legal support

The main processes covered by the certification are:

  • supply of the sterilization plant;
  • training and knowledge transfer Newster Academy (e-learning platform + Reserved area);
  • after-sales service (diversification of use, software update, remote control and assistance).

Newster Academy to promote a new healthcare culture

Specific training programs are provided to all staff involved in the use of Newster sanitizing units or equipment and maintenance programs are included as added value to healthcare organizations. In particular, staff training on waste management is fundamental to achieve high standards of infection control, reduce environmental impact and minimize costs. Staff expertise leads to a more informed workforce, a foundation for the improvement of infection control. In order to face new challenges, Newster has also developed an e-learning training course for operators

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