Newster certifications: PDT® Green Certificate

07 March 2022

Newster Group obtained the PDT® Green Certificate based on Blockchain technology

Newster Group obtained the PDT® Green Certificate issued by IQC, Italian Quality Control. This important recognition certifies and enhances green solutions and services which contribute to the sustainability and protection of the environment, in line with the ongoing ecological transition and transformation of production systems towards more sustainable models.

The Green PDT® (Performance Digital Traceability) issued by IQC is a digital certificate based on Blockchain technology which allows companies to define measurable quality characteristics, to verify their continuity throughout the industrial process and to report data in an absolutely unalterable way. The certification does not replace traditional environmental labels and certificates, but the traceability of processes and the inalterability of data through Blockchain technology document good environmental practices. Thanks to PDT® Green, companies can quickly and easily communicate externally actions and results of their commitment to the environment.

Newster quantified the environmental impacts of products, processes or services through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by Polytechnic University of Marche and provides for the initial and periodic monitoring of potential environmental impacts throughout their life declared in the digital certificate PDT® issued by IQC.  

Newster sterilizers: green solutions for a more sustainable treatment of medical waste

Newster Group obtained the PDT ® Certificate thanks to innovative solutions for on-site sterilization of hospital solid waste . Our company has developed a more sustainable system of sterilization of hospital medical waste, a green alternative to incineration which can be used directly in healthcare facilities. Thanks to the Frictional Heat Treatment Process, at the end of the process, the waste is classified as urban waste (CER 20.03.01), suitable for normal disposal in landfills or municipal waste incinerators. 

The high performance of Newster sterilization system allows improved levels of hospital hygiene and lower storage and transport costs, avoiding the most common healthcare waste management system, which includes daily transport to specific waste incineration plants for special waste.

In particular, studies have shown significant environmental advantages in the use of Newster sterilization systems compared to the most common hospital waste management systems. The main benefits identified are:

  • a significant reduction of the amount of solid urban waste to be managed; 
  • the classification of medical solid waste resulting from sterilization as urban solid waste, which allows it to be treated in common waste-to-energy plants; 
  • an easier waste management, avoiding dedicated daily transport; 
  • a complete abolition of disposable containers. 

These advantages are emphasized in cases where hospital healthcare waste needs to be treated in incineration plants for hazardous waste far from the production site

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