Newster certifications: PDT® Machine 4.0 Ready certification

02 March 2022

Newster System achieved PDT® Machine 4.O Ready digital certification in Blockchain

PDT® - Performance Digital Traceability - certification is a process of analysis, detection and digital representation of results, related to organizations, processes, products and people. The certification with Blockchain technology makes visible, with digital detection, the state of things in support of performance statements.

In particular, the Machine 4.0 Ready digital certificate is issued to organizations that produce and market products which contribute to the technological and digital transformation of companies, according to the Industry 4.0 model (Transition 4.0) and are predisposed to the interconnection with the company system for the control and maintenance of precise declared standards.

The aim of this certification is to give evidence to customers on the correlation of the company’s products informative management with the characteristics declared in the PDT ® certificate. The digital detection of information makes it possible to track, monitor and guarantee the characteristics declared in the certificate. 

This certificate, together with the Newster cloud  software In-Sight 4.0, certified by the Digital Patent Box issued by IQC Srl, offers the possibility to support the customer in the drafting of the technical expertise necessary for the use of tax benefits related to the National Transition Plan 4.0. 

Newster sterilization units: innovative systems with measurable and digitally tracked features

Newster obtained the certification for the NW5, NW15 and NW50 sterilizers intended for on-site sterilization of potentially infectious solid hospital waste. These sterilization units integrate with a single control interface:

  • sterilization and conversion of hospital waste; 
  • washing and sanitizing system containers for hazardous waste; 
  • weighing system with industrial scale; 
  • Cloud In-Sight 4.0 webapp software; 

Newster sterilization systems can be connected to the internal network or to the web with a router connected to the Ethernet port of a Siemens S7 PLC. They are uniquely identified by the IP address assigned by the network. Once connected to the network, the systems are accredited to the Newster Cloud In-Sight and through this  can be connected to the customer or third-party management. 

In addition to being prepared for integration with logistics systems and continuous monitoring of conditions and process parameters, the NW5, NW15 and NW50 series intended for on-site sterilization of hospital solid waste comply with precise sustainability standards, reducing the environmental impact of disposal by reducing the volume of waste and reclassifying it as urban solid waste. 

Interconnected sterilization systems and services to meet any customer’s need

Newster provides innovative units for the conversion and sterilization of potentially infectious hospital waste based on the Frictional Heat Treatment in order to obtain a dry, sterile and finely ground final residue. All Newster sterilizers are designed for the integration and interconnection with the company system and to meet customer’s needs through the following processes:

  • feasibility analysis, technical support, specific advice on available/implementable technological solutions; 
  • training and knowledge transfer (e-learning platform and reserved area); 
  • efficient after-sales service (diversification of use, software update, remote control and assistance). 

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