We attended the first Chinese infection prevention and control conference

10 December 2020

Last May we started a joint venture with Chao Capital fund, which allowed us to bring our production and our expertise to the Asian state.

As evidence of this important collaboration we were present at "The first China infection prevention and control conference" in Wuhan. On this occasion some of our solutions and results obtained through the treatment were presented.


The aim of this collaboration is to set-up a factory that will manufacture Newster units for China, looking to employ between 200/300 people when the factory reaches maximum regime. China's attention to environmental pollution issues has always been very high, also in relation to the numerous incinerators that are used today for waste disposal.

In fact, by replacing the method of incineration with a safer, cheaper and more efficient method a saving of over 20 million tons of standard carbon emissions would be recorded. This collaboration will obviously have an important impact on the country's public health as well.

"We will be able to achieve the environmental sustainability goals as indicated by the Stockholm Convention on POPs persistent organic pollutants. For this reason the project has obtained the support of the authorities"
declared one of the members of Chao Capital.

From 2017, the situation has significantly improved, thanks also to the implementation of the regulation for the management of medical waste. However, it is still necessary to be able to optimize costs, and generally improve all operations relating to the treatment and disposal of hospital waste.

Thanks to our solutions, it will be possible to eliminate the biological risk and treat the waste directly on site: the result will be an inert, odorless material, reduced in volume by 80% and in weight by 15%.

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