The importance of being active: our research and development projects

27 November 2020

We are always improving to stay ahead: this is one of the aspects that we love the most about our jobs and that is much appreciated by our clients.

We are not satisfied with easy solutions, but we try to simplify the steps thanks to innovative solutions.
We have signed up for several european and regional projects  that brought us to develop units that are now being produced and we are very proud of these outcomes. They are challenging projects and we are only at the beginning!

SEIFER project
Plant for the conversion of expired drugs and cytotoxic residues into agricultural fertilizer

Research and development projects for the circular economy (MISE Call)

The mission of the project is to completely change the current management and treatment system of expired pharmaceuticals, including cytotoxics drugs and waste, so that they can be treated and reused in the agricultural sector.

The project concerns the design and construction of an innovative system that allows health facilities to have a correct financial and social management of this type of waste and a safe environment, transforming the current problem into a resource.


FAST Project
From laboratory fluid waste to sewage water

Enhanced EIC Accelerator Pilot (SME Instrument Phase 2)

Starting from the PuraLab technology developed thanks to the POR-FESR call, we have developed a breakthrough innovative laboratory liquid waste on-site treatment plant consisting of patented solutions, especially designed for biomedical analysis laboratories liquid waste produced by automatic analyzers for bacteriology, serology, hematology, coagulation, toxicology, immunology, biochemistry among others.


In-Sight 4.0 Project 
Newster’s real-time monItoring and predictive maiNtenance through Iot

ARTES 4.0 N.3 2020 (MISE Call)

We asked ourselves about the possibility of developing a system for remote monitoring of our plants, activating a self-diagnosis procedure of the equipment itself. Thanks to this project, machine downtime and the risks for the operator to come into contact with hazardous waste will decrease.
Through an integrated notification system it will also be possible to trace the regulatory deadlines and those relating to environmental monitoring

TRUeLAB Project
Plant for the neutralization of wastewater from laboratory analysis

POR-FESR Emilia Romagna 2014-2020

We have responded to the need to develop an innovative solution for the on-site treatment of wastewater produced by biomedical laboratories. From this project the first PuraLab prototype was born, still in operation at the “Gruppo CSA” research center for its validation.

Watch the video


Plant for the neutralization and disposal of expired pharmaceutical products

POR-FESR Emilia Romagna 2014-2020

This project confirmed the need for a lot of countries to manage expired drugs and cytotoxic residues directly on-site: in particular, thanks to the project it was possible to launch a sector study relating to the disposal of this type of waste, using the PuraLab prototype.


I-GENicO3 Project
Responsible Innovators Emilia-Romagna Region

Newster I-GENinCO3, is an innovative sanitation system that treats indoor air as a potentially infected waste, aiming for greater healthiness in closed environments with a high flow of people.

Thanks to the combination of three different disinfection mechanisms to ensure the highest germicidal coverage, Ozone, UV-C rays, HEPA filter .I-GENicO3 allows you to act effectively both through surface sanitization treatments and through continuous air filtration, allowing you to make a valid contribution to containing the spread of all respiratory infections, including Covid-19 now ascertained to occur through the famous aero-dispersed droplets or through contact with surfaces contaminated by them.

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