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08 November 2020

During the last few months, we have been facing the global health emergency, transforming each difficulty into new challenges.

In order to provide quick solutions for the needs arising from the Covid-19 epidemic emergency, we have developed innovative solutions for the sanitation of environments and improved the efficiency of sterilization of potentially infected waste that is on the rise.

We have rethought some functions of the unit, in order to efficiently manage the increasing presence of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) in medical health care waste, also providing additional dedicated cycles.

We have focused on a high level of safety for healthcare facilities during epidemic emergencies providing solutions for Covid wards, field hospitals and ships fit for quarantine. On-site treatment of healthcare waste, as recommended by WHO in march 2020, guarantee a low risk of contamination for staff, operators and patients.

Four new mobile solutions: safety and simplicity first

Sanifico-19 presents a modular “ready to use” pre-assembled solution in containers, dedicated to the treatment of solid and liquid infectious waste. It is a solution that guarantees start-up and operation within 24 hours.
Discover more about Sanifico-19

Greengo is a mobile solution that can be avio transported. Due to its small size it is particularly suitable for field hospitals, and is in use by the Italian Red Cross for the management of the current health emergency. 
Discover more about Greengo

I-Genico3 project focuses on the treatment of air and sanification of closed environments.
This project is a candidate for European funds.

NW on board is our most recent project, designed to meet the needs arising from the global epidemic situation, to provide a quick answer for quarantine facilities on ships. This technology on board, respects all naval prevention and safety standards, ensuring a minor environmental impact.

More communication tools, to shorten distance

We have also improved our already consolidated remote post sales network, and our e-learning platform, in order to be able to follow all the assistance to distributors and clients, as if we were on site.

All operators and our customers can count on an online platform, to receive assistance during installation, start-up and after-sales.

Within the reserved area of ​​the new website, remote training is carried out with the support of video tutorials, FAQs, commercial and technical documents.

We have renewed our brand, and completely redesigned our communication tools. The new website will become a virtual workspace and a channel to inspire distributors and potential end users.

"We have worked hard during the last few months; and our values have shifted to include emergency relief solutions to give a hand during this global epidemic".

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