waste management laboratory

Management of special waste from laboratories

Special wastes are generated in laboratories and must be disposed of in the correct way so that their dispersion does not result in harmful effects on the environment and humans. Liquid laboratory wastes can be nonhazardous-but still require special treatment methods-or they can be hazardous. Mismanagement of the latter can cause irreparable harm to humans and the environment: in fact, these are wastes with biological hazards, such as cell cultures or biological liquids, or with chemical hazards, such as acids, bases, salts, solvents, etc., the dispersion of which into the environment can cause hazards to human and environmental health.

Newster Group, a pioneer in finding sustainable and technological solutions for the management and treatment of medical waste, has designed a neutralization plant for liquid laboratory waste that can completely remove biological and chemical hazards related to liquid laboratory waste.

Nester Group's solution for treating liquid laboratory waste

Thanks to European POR FERS 2014-2020 funding from the Emilia Romagna Region obtained by the Newster Group, it was possible to start a project that led to the assembly of the PuraLab prototype. The innovative plant was built specifically for the treatment of liquid waste from biomedical laboratories: the best available technologies for the treatment of liquid laboratory waste are concentrated in a small prototype. 

Newster PuraLab has two main processes. The first is ozone and hydrogen peroxide pretreatment for complete biohazard removal. The second consists of an advanced oxidation reaction called Fenton, which is used to completely remove the chemical hazard. In addition, the Newster PureLab prototype meets Industry 4.0 requirements and can be remotely controlled.

waste management laboratory

Other services for chemical laboratories and healthcare facilities

Thanks to the vast experience accumulated and the continuous search for innovative, technological and environmentally sustainable solutions, Newster Group is able to provide customized solutions to meet specific healthcare waste management and treatment needs. In addition, Newster Group's production and plant design are 100% made in Italy and follow strict CE and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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