Treating sewage water

Management and treatment for hospital wastewater

Proper management of wastewater from hospitals and health care facilities is essential to preserve people's health and safeguard the environment. When wastewater from health care facilities is transported to treatment plants, which are usually municipal ones, it is not purified of the infectious agents it contains. Therefore, to prevent bacteria and viruses from infecting the water and spreading disease, it is essential that these fluids be specially treated.

The risks of untreated hospital wastewater

Unlike municipal wastewater, hospital wastewater contains pathogens with special chemical and physical characteristics. This is because of the load of biological pollutants, especially from infectious disease wards and autopsy rooms, that are discharged into the pipeline system.

Pollution by biological agents can result from the use of drugs, bacteria and viruses, excretions, or even radioactive isotopes. It is therefore important that the water be disinfected so that its release into the environment does not pose a danger to the surrounding population and habitat.


Innovative solutions for sanitary wastewater treatment

Newster Group is a leader in the design and implementation of innovative solutions for healthcare waste management, with a special focus on the sustainability of healthcare facilities. For sanitary wastewater treatment, it has developed a Safe Water Treatment system for purifying water from infectious disease wards.  

The SWT plant for infectious wastewater treatment is designed for urban hospitals and those without connection to the sewage system. This plant makes it possible to eliminate the biohazard in wastewater through a three-phase process.

The ASW system  was developed for the treatment of autopsy wastewater, suitable for both urban hospitals and hospitals without connection to the sewage system. This system works through a four-phase process involving primary sedimentation, sludge separation-dewatering, final disinfection, and a final automatic cleaning step.

In addition, Nester Group is also able to build customized systems to meet the specific wastewater treatment needs of its customers. 

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