Portable sterilization unit

Sterilization units for health care facilities

The portable sterilization unit allows hazardous and medical waste to be disposed of on-site, rather than sent off-site for proper disposal. Operating a sterilization unit is an effective way to ensure regulatory compliance and eliminate the risks associated with improper disposal of medical waste.

Nester Group's sterilization units for hospital waste are designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities, research laboratories, advanced medical posts, waste treatment facilities, veterinary clinics, ports and airports.

Newster Group solutions for sterilization

Newster's solutions for the sterilization of hospital waste enable several benefits such as the elimination of risks from the transportation of infectious waste and the improvement of hospital hygiene and safety levels.

Newster Gruop offers technological solutions for on-site sterilization of hospital waste: thanks to an integrated and fully digitized approach, the system includes all the necessary devices for on-site management of hazardous waste with infectious risk, from collection at the wards to sterilization. 

Newster can also provide portable sterilization units for use in emergencies:

  • Green-go sterilization unit, an on-site sterilization unit designed specifically for military field operations: it can be transported by helicopter, is equipped for rapid installation, and is suitable for processing the waste generated by 150 beds
  • Sanifyco-19 sterilization unit, a mobile unit for infectious solid and liquid waste that can be quickly connected to on-site utilities ensuring installation and startup in less than 24 hours
portable sterilization unit

Environmentally friendly and safe sterilization units

Health care facilities are places where bacteria and viruses proliferate due to the different types of waste present. The sterilization process is therefore inevitable to ensure the safety of people and to prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms. However, traditional disinfection methods are often quite harmful to the environment, which is why Newster has designed a range of sterilization solutions that are not only safe but also environmentally friendly.

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