Ozone generator hospital

Air and Surface sanitiser for hospitals

Newster Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly sanitary equipment and technologies, and a researcher of environmentally friendly solutions for air and surface sanitization of enclosed hospital environments. 

In order to cope with the high biological risk caused by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the air and on the surfaces of healthcare spaces, Newster came up with I-GENICO3, an intelligent ozone generator that can effectively disinfect indoor environments

Improving the air quality of hospital spaces with ozone

The Ozone Generator I-Genico3 is an innovative device that enables the sanitization of indoor air and surfaces, fighting pathogens and reducing the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi. By sanitizing with ozone, hospital operators and patients exposed to risks of infection and contagion are protected.

Its high germicidal action makes it particularly suitable for environments with high flow of people and confined environments with high biological risk. This is made possible by the combination of 3 technologies: ozone, UVc-rays and Hepa Filters.

I-Genico3 allows 3 different functions to operate:

  • the Ozonair Function, during which the oxygen in the air to be treated is converted to ozone and diffused throughout the room
  • the Airpure Function, which can be implemented in continuous mode in presence of people
  • the Ozonair plus Airpure Function, which combines the action of ozonation, HEPA filtration and UV Disinfection.

The Sanitizing Power of Ozone

Due to its oxidizing properties, ozone is able to eliminate bacteria and deactivate viruses, nullifying any effect.  It is therefore particularly suitable for use in disinfecting and sanitizing sanitary environments.

Ozone generator I-Gienico3 creates ozone molecules from oxygen molecules, which are then released into the air to sanitize it. These molecules are very unstable, so they quickly break down into oxygen once exposed to light or air pollution. This means that the use of ozone is absolutely safe and cannot compromise people's health in any way even with prolonged exposure.

In addition, ozone is an environmentally friendly solution for indoor sanitation. In fact, Newster Group is always committed to finding sustainable solutions for the management and treatment of medical waste.

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