Sustainable hazardous waste management

Waste management in hospitals

Hospitals are usually responsible for the treatment of wastewater, which is a major source of hazardous waste. Waste management is an important part of any hospital's operations.

The main sources of hazardous waste from hospital sewage water are laboratory fluid waste and solid waste. The treatment of these two types of waste can be done in different ways. Laboratory fluid waste can be treated through incineration or chemical treatment, while solid waste can be treated through incineration or composting.

How to manage hospital waste in a sustainable way

In order to treat hazardous waste in a sustainable way, hospitals should consider using alternative methods. The treatment of hazardous waste is a complex and important process. Hazardous waste can contain toxic chemicals that must be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

For example, hospital sewage water often contains infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses. If this water is not treated properly, it could pose a serious threat to human health.

One way to treat hospital sewage water is by using microorganisms to break down the organic material in the wastewater. This process uses natural processes to remove harmful pathogens from wastewater so that it can be reused for irrigation or other purposes.

Another method for treating hazardous waste involves using chemical reactions to convert dangerous chemicals into less harmful ones that can be disposed of safely. For example, laboratory fluid waste often contains hazardous metals such as mercury or lead. These metals are converted into safer compounds through chemical reactions with oxygen-rich materials such as sodium hydroxide.

Newster’s solutions for waste management

Newster's friction heat treatment allows you to manage and treat hospital solid waste in a sustainable and cost-effective way. The patented technology exploits the heat generated by the shredding action to sterilize the waste at the same time without emitting POPs into the atmosphere according to the Stockholm Convention. The final residue is dry, sterile, and finely ground.

In the end, Newster’s Safe Water Treatment it's a wastewater system that enables hospitals to disinfect sewage water before discharging it into the environment in order to prevent the spread of infections through local water sources.

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