On site hazardous waste treatment

Hospital waste treatment

Waste management is a major concern for the health and safety of the public, as well as for the environment. 

We specialize in the treatment of hazardous waste at hospitals and other facilities. Our systems are designed to treat hospital sewage water and hospital solid waste, ensuring that it is completely safe for disposal or recycling. Our systems are also designed to be environmentally friendly, using green technology and sustainable practices.

We know that when it comes to treating hazardous waste, there is no one-size-fits-all solution—each organization has unique needs depending on their size and scope. That's why we offer a range of services to fit any budget or schedule: from on-site visits from our team of experts who can help design a system that meets your needs through consulting services provided by phone or email; all the way up to full-site implementation where our engineers will build you an entire facility from scratch!

How to treat hospital waste

Hospital waste can be treated by incineration, autoclaving, and chemical treatment. However, the most popular method is incineration. Incineration is the process of burning waste in a furnace at high temperatures. The heat from the fire destroys pathogens and other dangerous substances in the waste. Incineration produces ash and gases that must be properly disposed of.

Newster's friction heat treatment allows you to manage and treat hospital solid waste in a sustainable and cost-effective way. The patented technology exploits the heat generated by the shredding action to sterilize the waste at the same time without emitting POPs into the atmosphere according to the Stockholm Convention. The final residue is dry, sterile, and finely ground.

Wastewater generated by healthcare facilities, and in particular from infectious diseases wards and autoptic rooms, might contain chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pathological biological agents, and even radioisotopes.

Newster’s Safe Water Treatment it's a wastewater system that enables hospitals to disinfect sewage water before discharging it into the environment in order to prevent the spread of infections through local water sources.

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