Sale of sterilization technologies

Design and production of sterilizing units for healthcare facilities

Newster Group is a leading company in manufacturing and marketing ecological equipment to resolve problems related to hospital hygiene; specifically, Newster specializes in the design and sale of sterilization technologies for healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, labs and even emergency camps. The company, indeed, provides a wide range of ecological solutions that are able to satisfy all sanitary needs for waste disposal, even the most demanding ones, coming from sites and camps that have been built in areas that are undergoing emergency periods, and where it is fundamental to have sterilizing units that are efficient, compact and easy to use.

Many different systems to sterilize healthcare waste

The company provides a wide range of solutions - innovative and ecological - for the treatment and sterilization of healthcare solid waste in different facilities, such as hospitals and laboratories. In particular, Newster’s Frictional Heat Treatment enables hospitals to process hazardous solid waste in a sustainable and cost-effective way. The system is available in different versions, according to the capacity.

Plus, Newster also designs and produces ecological solutions for the neutralization of laboratory fluid waste. PURALAB is a prototype for the treatment of biomedical laboratory liquid waste, in order to remove biological hazards and reduce over 90% of organic and inorganic pollutants from laboratory fluid waste.

Sterilization solutions for emergency camps

During emergencies, the most important goal is to guarantee safety; therefore, all waste must be considered infectious and treated accordingly. That’s why it is crucial, for camp hospitals, to be able to use effective sterilization systems. The proper management of healthcare waste must be implemented with solutions that guarantee the efficacy of the sterilization process and the minimization of related risks. Thanks to the sterilization of the waste directly on-site, these connected risks can be easily reduced. Newster designs and produces different systems:

  • Sanifyco-19: a plug-and-play solution for emergencies, consisting of solids and liquid waste treatment solutions in order to eliminate the possible spread of pathogens;
  • Green-Go: specifically designed for the on-site sterilization of waste produced in military field camps. The solution also reduces the amount and volume of waste, maintaining it sterile for up to 28 days.

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