Sewage wastewater disposal solutions

The right systems to avoid water sources pollution

Newster Group is a leading consortium in manufacturing and marketing green equipment to resolve problems related to healthcare hygiene; specifically, Newster specializes in the design and production of solutions for the disinfection of sewage wastewater from healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, labs and camps. The group has designed and developed a wide range of ecological solutions that are able to satisfy all sanitary needs for wastewater disposal - a particularly critical one . Newster prepares projects in partnership with universities and hospital facilities in order to solve problems related to the treatment of healthcare waste, both solid and liquid.

Which solutions does Newster provide?

The company provides a wide range of innovative and ecological systems for the treatment of healthcare wastewater in different facilities, like hospitals and laboratories. Regarding sewage water in particular, Newster is able to provide a wide range of equipment and technological solutions for the treatment of this kind of wastes, that might contain chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pathological biological agents and even radioisotopes. Often, hospitals are not connected to efficient sewage-treatment plants and, sometimes, municipal sewerage systems may not even exist. 

Newster’s Safe Water Treatment has been specifically designed to prevent the spread of biologic pollutants from infectious diseases hospital wards into underground and surface waters. The sterilization is achieved thanks to a mechanical pre-treatment followed by a disinfection of wastewater discharging it into the environment or the sewer according to the local legislation. There are two different possibilities, according to the specific needs:

A 360° service for our partner

The success of the wastewater management solutions provided by Newster deeply relies on the strong relationship between distributors and HQ. Newster is involved in the preliminary training of distributors,including commercial, technical and scientific know-how. Newster provides a complete range of services in order to guarantee the excellence of the partnership. From the design of the best solution to the customization, in order to have systems tailor-made for any specific needs; a further step on the road to excellence is provided by after sales support during all phases of the project including installation, setup, testing, troubleshooting and product maintenance.

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