An asset for population safety

Plug and run solutions for waste management during emergencies

Infection prevention and control during emergencies

During epidemic emergencies, the most important goal is to guarantee safety. Following this precautionary principle, all waste must be considered infectious and treated accordingly. The proper management of healthcare waste must be implemented with solutions that guarantee the efficacy of the sterilization process and the minimization of related risks (handling, discharge, storage, transport, final disposal). Thanks to the sterilization of the waste directly on-site, these connected risks can be easily reduced.

An asset for population safety
An asset for population safety
An asset for population safety

Military field operations

Newster Green-Go has been specifically designed for the on-site sterilization of waste produced in military field camps. The solution does not only prevent environmental pollution, bad odors and bacteriological risks to personnel, it also reduces the amount and volume of waste, maintaining it sterile for up to 28 days.

Epidemic emergencies

Sanifyco-19 is a plug-and-play solution for epidemic emergencies, consisting of solids and liquid waste treatment solutions in order to eliminate the possible spread of pathogens.The plant is suitable for:

  • Hospitals/Healthcare facilities with lack of rooms
  • Field hospitals
  • Emergency relief areas
An asset for population safety

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Sterilizer for hospital solid waste

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