One step ahead

Newster systems are the result of a deep commitment to excellence that goes well beyond market standards and requirements.

We are always pursuing innovation to advance the performance of our equipment and the health of the environment.

All our technologies are made in Italy by our multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians. Protected by international patents, our solutions are the result of more than twenty years of relentless investment in research & development.
Newster's vocation for technological innovation is also supported by the European Regional Development Fund through Emilia-Romagna's PQR_FESR projects, among others.

One step ahead
One step ahead
One step ahead

POR-FESR grants awarded by Newster's R&D Department

  • POR-FESR Emilia Romagna 2014-2020 – TRUeLAB (Treatment Plant for Neutralization of Medical Laboratory Fluid Waste) - Ref. C.U.P. E78C15000220007 - Value of the project € 433.531,00 (Contribution granted € 198.807,10).
  • POR-FESR Emilia Romagna 2014-2020 – TRANSFoRM (Plant for the neutralization and disposal of expired pharmaceuticals) – Ref. C.U.P. E79J17001100007 - Value of the project € 80.000,00 (Contribution granted € 40.00,00).
  • POR-FESR Emilia Romagna 2014-2020 – SviPRO (Business development and promotion through international trade fairs and conferences for information purposes)  – Ref.  C.U.P. E78I17000180004 - Value of the project € 97.857,14,00 (Contribution granted € 29.357,14)
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