Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.



Our Production

Newster Group is focused on providing a complete selection of systems that satisfies every need for hospital eco-sustanaibility. Production is based on the maximum flexibility and the cooperation of specilized technicians and electronic experts. One of the main goals is to serve customers in an efficient and professional manner. All technicians are trained directly by Newster, in order to provide better quality service on site and satisfy customers' various needs. This is all made less difficult because Newster machines are based on easy-to-use technology.


Health care waste (HCW)

Newster® is a patented “frictional heat treatment technology”. The HCW is shredded and sterilized in a sole process inside a sterilization chamber, where the pressure inside is lower than the atmospheric pressure. Two rotor blades produce impact and friction and by implementation of heaters, the temperature rises to 150° where it is held for the time required for sterilization. The residue obtained is sterilized, finely ground, dry and unrecognizable. Weight and volume of the waste are reduced significantly.

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Hospital sewage water

Newster® SWT - Safe Water Treatment is a system for the disinfection of hospital waste water. It has been specially designed as a final mechanical treatment of waste water deriving from infectious-disease hospital wards.

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