Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.



Newster vi invita a leggere l-articolo uscita su RECOVER Magazine La Gestione dei rifiuti sanitari ai tempi del Coronavirus Siamo a pagina 58-60 Buona lettura

Newster proud to announce Dasri Sterile located in El Krib Tunisie has been awarded funds from USAID for a NW50 unit to increase it's treatment capacity to meet the large increase in COVID-19 generated waste. En réponse à la crise du COVID-19 en Tunisie, l'Agence des États-Unis pour le développement...

Italian daily IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO published the following on April 27th : Masks and healthcare waste A short circuit caused by epidemic …………..In the Lombardy region where the virus hit hard, each citizen is producing 9kg of waste per week that operators are often touching without gloves, exposing themselves to a risk... Newster, 100% excellency from Rimini Our mission is to render hospitals ecological. Abroad we are present in 50 countries with over 600 installations. In Italy installations are few as different choices have been made by the country, transporting infectious healthcare waste by road to incinerators. We...

RICICLA TV INTERVIEW April 2020 Following you will find an extract of the Interview by Miss Valentina Trifiletti with Newster CEO Andrea Bascucci focusing on infectious waste management in Italy and abroad : Valentina Trifiletti : Before going to thermo-destruction or landfill potentially infectious healthcare waste must undergo  a...

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