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TGR LAZIO report aired on April 2, 2020

TGR LAZIO report aired on April 2, 2020

TGR LAZIO aired a report about hospital waste management on April 2, 2020
following is the text in English :

The COVID emergency is putting the national heath system under pressure as never before to set up dedicated facilities and field hospitals to cope with hospital admissions. The management of infective waste is becoming a big problem : masks, gloves,IVs, tubes, all special waste with a high batteric/viral load
The Red Cross military barracks in Rome is lodging, while waiting to be stationed in an emergency area , an air-trasportable  field sterilizer  for infectious waste.
There are less than 500 in the world and only two are in Italy. Only one is operative.

This machine is a sterilizer for infectious waste. Besides neutralizing the infection load it also compacts the waste which is very useful in emergency field situations.
There are only 2 in Italy. One is in our possession here at CMCR (Military Corps Red Cross) and the other is in the hand of the military airforce.
The Military Corps Red Cross sterilizer, with NATO certificate, in a 40 minute cycle is able to treat 15Kg of hospital waste of all kinds, including sharps ,without the use of chemicals, but only with the heat generated by friction that reaches 150° neuralizing all infection loads.
This machine, that measures less than  2 metres by 2 metres can treat half a ton of waste per day which equals the waste generated by a 100 bed hospital, reducing by 70-80% the volume. An iert powder that can be disposed of without problems is what remains.

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