Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.

Technical-scientif seminars held by Newster and Conf Industries in Quito Ecuador


In Quito, on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 February, two technical-scientific seminars were held, respectively at the IESS Instituto Ecuatoriano del Seguro Social and the Ministerio de Salud Publica, attended by representatives of two Italian companies, leaders in the hospital market of advanced technologies, as teachers.

Dr. Luciano Picca Orlandi for Newster Group and Dr. Flavio Ventura for Conf Industries conducted the two information-oriented seminars for  the decision-makers of the two Promoters, focusing on the need to "know how to deliberate" and the diffusion of the most modern and alternative technologies used in the Surgery Operation Block and in the island ecological clinic present, or at least desirable, in almost all public and private hospitals in the world.

At the conference, attended by dozens of top-level technical, administrative and scientific  employees of the two institutions  and  decision makers,, Newster Group with the support of its exclusive distributor for Ecuador Consmec Ecology presented a technical scientific panorama to inform the audience of the innovative method of treatment of infectious hospital waste with the frictional heating method with on-site installations.

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