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SKY24 News Coverage May 13,2020

SKY24 News Coverage May 13,2020

SKY24 News Coverage May 13,2020 / Machine to treat COVID waste comes from Rimini

At the moment our operator is loading the bags of hazardous infectious waste coming from different hospital wards. Potentially, there may be waste contaminated by Coronavirus. At first glance a large washing machine, it is a machine that treats potentially infectious hospital waste. Once the lid is closd and the cycle has started the load is grinded by the blades and 150 degrees C is reached to guarantee sterilization. A cycle lasts about 30 minutes.
This waste if not treated must be transported and treated within 5 days. Once treated it can be stored for weeks, if not months, so there is a great logistic advantage based on transport costs. With the COVID emergency waste has increased 30/40%, especially the use of PPEs * Personal Protection Equipment( which at the moment, outside hospitals, are treated like general waste with a sanitary risk.
How much do these machines cost and how much can hospitals and the sanitary system save _
It depends on the size, minimum prices go from tens of thousands to a maximum of 150 thousand euro more or less. It is an investment that is recuperated by the hospitals in less than 2 years of operation and the life span of these machines is over 10 years. At the moment a kg of non/treated waste costs the hospital 1.7 euro per kg. After treatment it costs less than 1/3 of that amount.
At download the residue has a volume reduction of 80% and weighs about 20/25% less than before treatment. The residue that exits the machine is technically similar to municipal waste.
The patent belongs to a company in Rimini that has been exporting around the world for years.
We are selling much more than before around the world and 2 machines were quickly sent to the Chinese Red Cross. In the last 2 months we have had interest shown from Italy also.

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