Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.



Newster would like to inform you that it is hard at work to provide a suitable solution for the treatment of healthcare waste during epidemic emergencies.

SANIFYCO-19  project is under evaluation for call put out by Horizon 2020-SME-phase 2  – with deadline March 20, 2020
Attached you will find a flyer describing our Solution :

SANIFYCO-19 presents a modular “ready-to-use” pre-assembled machinery solution dedicated to the treatment of infectious waste in  containers certified for shipment that guarantees start-up and operation within 24 hours. 

SANIFYCO-19 is designed for the management of solid and liquid infectious waste

SANIFICO-19 TARGET: is the reduction/elimination of biological hazards during waste management and  a fast on-site infection prevention and control.

SANIFYCO-19 is specifically designed for an epidemic emergency, is based on two patent machines modified for the shipping-container installation with a production of 40 kg/h and 10 mc/h respectively.

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