Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
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Following you will find an extract of the Interview by Miss Valentina Trifiletti with Newster CEO Andrea Bascucci
focusing on infectious waste management in Italy and abroad :

Valentina Trifiletti : Before going to thermo-destruction or landfill potentially infectious healthcare waste must undergo  a sterilization process in order to remove the microbacteria load and reduce weight and volume.
Even though the Italian presidential decree of 2003 permits it, almost no hospitals in Italy have sterilization plants on their property or in connected decentralized buildings. This does nothing but increase disposal costs and risks linked with transportation, but a way to avoid that infectious waste travels across the country exists : It is a patented technology “made in Italy” able to sterilize hospital waste with a machine that can be directly installed in every hospital.

Mr Andrea Bascucci : There is a 25% reduction of weight, an 80% reduction of volume at the end of the cycle and  because of the final result is a residue like I am showing to you now as an example. It is completely sterile. The fact that a temperature of 150°C is reached inside the vessel allows at the same time to kill all the pathological agents present inside the vessel and to dry out the waste which originally is very wet.

Valentina Trifiletti : What can be done with the residue that you have shown us ?

Mr Andrea Bascucci  :  Here we enter into the field of legislation, from country to country guide lines change.Technically, for Italy, we are speaking about CSS which is fuel derived from waste that can be recovered for energy purposes because of the inherent calorific value as it is basically soiled paper and plastic. In some of the  poorer countries it is directly unloaded at the landfill. There is one case in the world, in Zimbabwe where it is completely recovered for cement purposes.

Valentina Trifiletti : You have installed your machine in China . during this moment of difficulty linked with the coronavirus the Chinese decided to rely on a technology “made in Italy”.

Mr Andrea Bascucci : Yes, when this pandemic spread contacts were actived with China and through our distributor we sent two of our large size units that were purchased by the Chinese Red Croce. China immediately reconverted it’s system that had standards that were simular to ours, meaning incinerators, to activate on-site sterilization as the future of the country and it is  the first answer in the world taking charge of the problem and therefore also of the solution.

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