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After signing the agreement for the Limpamoz project dedicated to the management of solid urban waste in Beira and Nampula, on February 4th 2020 another important project regarding waste in the city of Beira was officially started. In this case it is a very specific field regarding healthcare waste, with which CAM already has experience thanks to projects in 2019.

The Local entrepreneurship for disposal  of healthcare waste in Beira, Mozambique project (SIRSU) received funds from the Italian agency  for Cooperation and development through the second edition of the call for proposal  addressed to the profit private sector  called “ innovative business initiatives to be admitted for co-financing and to be implemented in the cooperation partner countries for the persuit of the Sustainable Development Goals”. The project’s head is Newster Group, located in the Rimini area, a leading company in Italy and Europe for the production and commercialization of sustainable solutions for healthcare waste, in particular for the treatment and disposal of the waste
The 36 month project will be coordinated  in Beira by CAM, a local service company for collection of infectious waste will be established, operating not only for the safe guard of the environment with a suitable treatment of hazardous healthcare waste, but at the same time valorize people by creating specialized roles. The project will contribute in the disposal of healthcare waste from 15 public health facilities , present in Beira and at least 5 private health facilities by reducing of 40%  the total amount of waste taken to the incinerator loacated at Beira’s Central Hospital. Formative and informative actions will also take place in the city of Nampula with the partecipation of Progettomondo.mlal.
It is an interesting and innovative collaboration between profit non-profit and the public sector ( Beira’s County health  management) also considering that the projects funded by AICS for profit, instrument included in law 125 dated 2014 which reformed Italy’s development cooperation, that are still very few.

You can check the article on CAM's website HERE

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