Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.

Italian daily IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO April 27, 2020

Italian daily IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO April 27, 2020

Italian daily IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO published the following on April 27th :
Masks and healthcare waste
A short circuit caused by epidemic

…………..In the Lombardy region where the virus hit hard, each citizen is producing 9kg of waste per week that operators are often touching without gloves, exposing themselves to a risk of contagion. Waste has increased over 300%, generating about 80 thousand tons more in two months. At the moment medical waste is stocked in containers outside the facilities for 4-5 days before bringing to incinerator, increasing risk for hospital personnel because of the life span the virus has on surfaces. Hospital patients are producing 2.5kg of highly toxic waste per day against the usual 1 kg. A critical aspect has surfaced : insufficient treatment plants, besides the enormous increase in waste generated there are also boundry limits. There is an alternative to classic healthcare waste management : Newster System. Known wordwide, and present in more than 50 countries, excluding Italy,it’s on-site technology can protect the health of operators that have to handle waste, by rendering the waste sterile. That the treatment costs 500 euro per ton against 1.700 euro per ton treated the traditional way is a bonus.

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