Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.



The President of the Emilia Romagna Region Visited Newster System srl’s production plant on Friday July 10th. Newster will be opening up a production plant in China in the upcoming months for machines specialized in the treatment of potentially infectious  healthcare waste, in particular waste generated by Covid19 patients and healthcare workers.
“ Newster is an important reality. Beyond this period linked to the Covid emergency, you can see the quality of the company”.
Emilia Romagna Governor , Stefano Bonaccini, visted Newster System production plant in Cerasolo .  “What interests our country now is quality. The Made in Italy is represented by what is designed and produced. We Italians will win thanks to this level of quality. Newster works in more than 50 countries around the world and has participated in many european tenders, being awarded a few linked to research and development . The Emilia Romagna region is working during these weeks on a new schedule for European Funds 2021-2027  with a special consideration for the world of research. It is thanks  to research that companies can be competitive around the world.”.
After the signing of the joint venture with Chao Capital, and the start of the construction of a production plant in the city of  Wenzhou, in the Zhejiang region, Newster’s sole administrator, Andrea Bascucci, invited the President of the regione to visit Cerasolo , to  introduce him to the company and it’s future projects .

"We thank Governor Bonaccini for visiting us.  It’s an important gesture for a SME like ours, during this difficult moment,given the global pandemic situation _ comments Andrea Bascucci, Newster’s C.E.O. _ We have 25 years of experience and our technology is known around the world as an innovative and eco-friendly solution also aiming to contrast Covid19.  Today  the Chinese government and the Chao Capital fund also strongly believe in our solution and a future production plant for our machines in China is in the works”.
The Governor first visited the production and then went on to speak with C.E.O. Andrea Bascucci and  Gianluca Magrini, Head of Newster’s Research & Development dept for a more technical presentation of the machinery.

Among those present were the Sanitary Director and the Manager of  Sol et Salus Private Clinic, Dr.  Massimo Montesi and Dr. Matteo Vaccari, and the Director of Irst ( Romagnolo Scientific Institute for the study and cure of tumors) in Meldola, Dr Mattia Altini, that has been collaborating with Newster for years: “The collaboration between Irst and Newster is the best thing possible as Newster is a dynanamic company and a reference for the international market. A company that bases it’s future on the  ‘green economy’. An aim that is shared In full with Irst to improve people’s lifestyles. There was an immediate connection, we worked together to raise funds for the research and development sector and we will certainly work on important projects in the future, such as that linked to the new pharmacy of the Institute for chemotherapy”.

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