Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.

Company Profile

Newster Group was established in 1996 with a plan for a better world focusing on contributing to society by offering environmentally compatible equipment designed to improve the quality of life.
Newster Group, including Newster System s.r.l. (Italy), Newster Technologies s.p.a. (RSM) is one of the European leaders in manufacturing and marketing certified patented systems for the sterilization of infectious medical waste, treatment and disinfection of healthcare facilities’ and laboratories' wastewater and air disinfection and purification, under the Newster® trademark.
Production is based on the maximum flexibility by the co-operation of specialized technicians and electronic experts, directly in the Newster factory  in Cerasolo di Coriano (RN) or in the workshops of highly oriented professional companies. The whole is completed by  technicians who follow-up to service and after sales assistance, operating in different areas, in Italy and abroad.
The flexible organizational structure of the group is it’s strength and allows to meet special production requests. Newster Group has distributors that market and service products in many countries world-wide:

• Albania
• Algeria
• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Bosnia
• Brazil
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• Dominican Republic
• Ecuador
• Egypt
• Estonia
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iran
• Italy
• Kazakhstan
• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Mexico
• Pakistan
• Paraguay
• Poland
• Republic of San Marino
• Romania
• Russian Federation
• Serbia
• Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
• South Africa
• Tunisia
• Turkmenistan
• Uruguay
• Venezuela

One of the main goals is to serve customers in an efficient and professional manner. Technicians are trained directly by Newster, in order to provide better quality service directly on site and satisfy customers’ various needs. Technicians are given extensive “hands-on training” directly at the factory or at the distributors’ premises, and are able to supply timely and accurate diagnoses and repairs. This is all made less difficult because Newster machines are based on easy-to-use technology. Thus, highly skilled personnel is not required for standard maintenance.
Newster equipment includes three lines of hospital-grade products and involve various fields, such as:

• Sterilization of potentially infectious healthcare waste
• Treatment and sterilization of potentially infectious sewage water
• Treatment of lab fluid waste

Health care waste sterilization systems “Newster®NW5” “Newster®NW15” and “Newster®NW50”  are for the treatment and sterilization of potentially infectious healthcare waste (including plastic, sharps and liquids). Newster® technology is based on  frictional heating  treatment , deriving from the work of thermal resistances  and from impact, friction and grinding of the particles. During the treatment cycle, the temperature inside the cell rises; it is controlled and kept to the needed level for the necessary time-lapse required for the complete sterilization of the waste.
Newster's sterilization system is designed to meet European Directives requirements and  is certified by  official government authorities, including the countries where it is distributed and installed. Newster sterilizers are ideal for on-site treatment in small/medium size public and/or private hospital facilities, institutes for zooprophylaxis and clinical diagnostics but are also used in waste disposal centres. Newster sterilizers are also an excellent resource for the reduction of waste transport costs.
The systems are complete of IWC – Integrated Waste Collector - for the direct collection of the treated material inside an appropriate container. A system for the cleaning and disinfection of hospital waste containers “Newster®Sterilbox” is available as an accessory to integrate Newster sterilizers.
The Water treatment plant  “Newster®SWT – "Safe Water Treatment”– System for the disinfection of hospital waste water  has been specifically designed for mechanical pre-treatment and final treatment of waste water deriving from infectious-disease hospital wards. The  system is based on an innovative process that uses a special macerator to dispel all organic material  and eventually grinds all other material in the waste water. The Newster®SWT system is designed for on-site installation in public and private hospital facilities.

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