Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.


Newster Group was established in 1996 with a plan for a better world focusing on contributing to society by offering environmentally compatible equipment designed to improve the quality of life. Newster Group is one of the European leaders in manufacturing and marketing certified patented systems offering ecological anwers to resolve problems related to hospital hygiene with a range of on-site products that are able to satisfy all sanitary needs for waste disposal.

Newster prepares projects in partnership with international organizations, Universities and hospital facilities in order to solve problems related to the treatment of infectious healthcare waste in healthcare facilities or related to humanitarian emergencies.


Newster Group's main goal is to provide society with technology for hospital eco-sustainability to improve the quality of life by introducing environmentally responsible systems in healthcare facilities to minimize infection risks and polluting emissions.


We believe that our company's strong points, that have allowed us to reach a position of leadership in hospital eco-sustainable fields, are the following :
  • TEAM WORK. The accurate choice of high level professional personnel and their continuous training.
  • AGGRESSIVE OPENING TOWARDS NEW MARKETS with a total approach that includes legislative and economic aspects and understanding towards new partner's mentality.
  • CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH DEALERS through reciprocate updates. On the one hand the distributors' technical, scientific, commercial and structural training in continous evolution and on the other the input about the needs of the local market, allowing us to meet their necessities.
  • SPREADING OF AWARENESS about the respect of the environment according to European culture and standards for waste management  in healthcare facilities.
  • CARE OF SCIENTIFIC ASPECTS. Monitoring of developments and trends of the field worldwide. We are members of organizations working in scientific and legislative environmental research.
  • HIGH EXPERTISE in the hospital eco-sustainable field. A specific range of products aim to provide a complete solution for sanitary necessities of healthcare facilities.
  • FOCUS ON POST SALE ASSISTANCE. Technicians are given extensive "hands-on training" directly at the factory or at the distributors' premises, and are able to supply timely and accurate diagnoses and repairs.

Newster products are designed to meet European Directives' requirements and are certified by the official government authorities,  including the countries where it is distributed and installed.

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