Eco-sustainable technology for
the processing of healthcare waste (HCW),
on-site or in centralized treatment centers.
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Newster Group

Newster Group has been established in 1996 with the aim to solve the issue of healthcare waste.

Newster Group is one of the European leaders in manufacturing and marketing certified, patented equipment offering ecological answers to resolve problems related to hospital hygiene with a range of on-site products that are able to satisfy all sanitary needs for waste disposal.

We offer solutions for the treatment of the following categories of Healthcare Waste :

Healthcare Waste (HCW)

Frictional Heat Treatment (FHT) technology for the processing of HCW. The process is based on heat generated by impact and friction of the waste. The residue obtained is sterilized, finely ground, dry and reduced in weight and volume.

Hospital Sewage Water

Our solution for the treatment and disinfection of  hospital sewage  water is “Newster® SWT – Safe Water Treatment”. It has been specifically designed for mechanical pre-treatment and final treatment of waste water deriving from infectious-disease hospital wards.


Healthcare organizations demand to strengthen staff training on waste management in order to achieve higher standards of infection control, reduce environmental impact and minimize costs. HCW Managers, technology operators and maintenance staff training programs are included as added value to forefront healthcare organizations, where Newster® technology is involved.

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